Wind power

New wind farm for the province of Reggio Calabria

New wind farm for the province of Reggio Calabria

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It was inaugurated by Enel Green Power the new wind power plant of Bagaladi, in the province of Reggio Calabria. L'wind power plant will manage to provide clean energy to 18,000 families. Enel Green Power is the Enel Group company dedicated to renewables and she is by no means a neophyte of the panorama wind power Italian, among others wind farms inaugurated by the company of the Enel Group we remember that of Portoscuso (CI) and Caltavuturo Vallodolmo (PA), among the largest wind farms of Italy.

The wind farm inaugurated in Bagaladi count 33 turbines of 0.85 MW each. With a total power of 28 MW, the wind farm of Bagaladi manages to provide 50 million kWh per year. The power will be added to the 3,000 MW already installed on Italian territory by Enel Green Power.

With its 50 million kWh per year, theclean energy produced in Bagaladi, will be able to reduce the harmful emissions of 22,000 tons of carbon dioxide. The mayor of Bagaladi says he is satisfied with the operation, the advantages brought by thewind power plant they are numerous but above all, thanks to its layout, the construction of a new coal-fired power plant will be avoided.

On the web, we read that theBagaladi wind farm, in the Calabrian context, it is second only to the Maida wind farm (CZ). This statement is not correct, in Calabria there are plants that can boast a higher installed capacity, this is the case of the Cutro plant, which entered into service last December which with its 23 wind turbines produces a total power of 46 MW. The Tarsia wind plant with a total capacity of 32 MW and even the wind farm of the municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto (seized some time ago) than with 48 turbines manages to generate an amount of energy equal to 120 MW

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