The tallest solar towers in the world

Two leading solar companies have joined forces to build the solar towers largest in the world. These are two units that developing vertically will be able to produce a capacity of 500 MW. Each unit is defined as "Palen Solar Electric Generating System", Has a capacity of 250 MW (megawatts) and a height of 750 feet, equal to about 229 meters!

The Solar Towers they couldn't be born in a divine land, California, the country of Sun! The companies involved in the project are Abengoa and BrightSource Energy. The two solar towers they will stand in Riverside County, on public land in California. The preparation of the project counts large figures, a huge capital moves that will create 2,000 jobs and it will generate enough energy to power 200,000 homes. The works will start by the end of this 2013.

The project is doubly sustainable. The solar towers they will produce clean energy through concentrating systems. To produce 500 MW of power, a solar concentration plant of the latest generation that guarantees maximum energy efficiency, requires an area of ​​4,366 hectares, thanks to the technology developed by the partnership between Abengoa and BrightSource Energy, this area has decreased to 3,800 hectares. The Solar Electric Generating System Panel require less than half of thewater necessary for a plant conventional which uses water resources as a refrigerant.

The improvements are dictated by the tower structure: "this design significantly reduces the amount of land needed for energy production, estimates see a 33% reduction if compared to conventional photovoltaics, this means less land taken from the agricultural sector ".

Video: BUILDINGS at scale - 3D animation (January 2022).