Wind power

Wind turbines, the largest center in the world opens

Wind turbines, the largest center in the world opens

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In Denmark the largest center in the world for the research and development of technology wind power. Generators, bearings, rotors, blades and everything related to wind turbines, the center was inaugurated by Siemens Energy and hosts the wind turbine largest in the world with a length of 75 meters.

The center consists of two structures that cover an internal surface of 27,000 square meters. With test more accurate on each component of a wind turbine it will be possible to significantly reduce the risk of technical problems in the sector. The experimentation will allow Siemens to offer increasingly innovative and at the same time reliable technologies.

A wind turbine, before reaching the market must necessarily pass a series of tests. Among these, the most severe is the one that estimates the duration of the life cycle, it is called "Highly Accelerated Lifetime Tests" (HALT). In one of its new centers, the Siemes will submit each component of its oil turbines to the HALTest. HALTest programs can last up to six months, in this time frame, Siemens Energy subjects its prototypes to much higher loads than those that normally support wind turbines during their life.

Siemens Energy's decision does not surprise us at all, after all it was this company that was the first in the wind sector to set up an in-house test capable of to verify fully validity of a wind turbine. The first in-house tests were conducted by Siemens in 1988, 2013 marks the 25th anniversary of a company that can boast of having the greatest experience in testing for wind turbines.

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