Cooking oil to power KLM flights

Cooking oil to power KLM flights

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We all know the energy implications of frying, those "excess energies"They are called calories and they end up on our hips and belly ... who would have thought that the exhausted oil would have powered the engine of an airplane!

KLM is a Dutch airline that offers transatlantic flights every week powered by a mix of fuels given for 25 percent by kitchen oil and 75 percent from classic fuel. For the next six months, every Thursday, round-trip flights between New York's JFK Airport and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport will be powered by this mixture.

Although solar energy is being tested in Russia for air transport and research is being carried out in Piedmont for the development of even more efficient engines, sustainable mobility in the aeronautical field it is still too far away, which is why it is necessary to use every possible means to reduce CO2 emissions related to air transport. The use of this mixture seems to be the first step.

L'kitchen oil, once estausto, if not properly disposed of it can represent a great problem for the environment. L'used cooking oil used by KLM for its flights, it derives from various restaurants in southern Louisiana. The oil is used for fry cicoli and other typical foods of the cousin cajun. L'oil, once withdrawn, it is then refined in a Baton Rouge plant and used to refuel KLM planes at New York airport.

The next step is to increase the percentage of biofuels in the combustible mixture. When it comes to large quantities, 25 percent is a significant percentage but KLM, and the other airlines, should bring the mixture to a concentration of biofuels even higher.

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