Change of direction for the photovoltaic industry

Change of direction for the photovoltaic industry

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L'photovoltaic industry is changing its course: from Europe it moves to Asia to arrive, in 2017, in emerging countries such as Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

During 2013, the demand for solar power will increase by two gigawatts (GW) from the current 29 GW to 31 GW and for the first time, the China will overtake Germany to become the leading consumer of solar power sending Italy straight to third place.

Another year of growth for the solar industry. The forecasts see global growth of 7 percent. In the world scenario of photovoltaic, only the top 10 territories represent 83 percent of the demand photovoltaic. Manufacturers will have to adapt their strategy to each individual market.

2013 represents a year of transition forphotovoltaic industry. According to Michael Barker, senior analyst at NPD Solarbuxx, "the Chinese market offsets the drop in demand recorded in Germany ”. In other words, thephotovoltaic industry from Europe it will migrate to Asia. In Europe and in particular in Italy, due to further reductions in incentives, photovoltaic demand will drop to about 12 GW, on the contrary, in the countries of the Asian region, led by China, Japan and India, photovoltaic demand will increase with the forecasts shown in the pie chart.

THE photovoltaic prices continue to go down but with the reduction in funding growth in Europe is unlikely. 2012 was a stalemate for many European countries. THE costs for installation and for the purchase of photovoltaic modules have dropped and to see growth we need to be confident in a market that will become increasingly competitive.

According to forecasts released by NPD Solarbuxx, countries such as the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, will have a stronger impact on the scenario photovoltaic next year. Emerging regions are investing heavily in renewable and the results will be seen from 2014, moreover, the market share is set to double by 2017 mainly driven by emerging countries: South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Israel and Mexico.

The graph and the data shown here were prepared by NPD Solarbuzz.

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