Electric Retrofit Kit

Electric Retrofit Kit

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What's a electrical retrofit kit?
This is the set of all the components necessary to "electrify"A vehicle. A kit for the electric Retrofit could convert acar with electric motor, in acar which can rely on a electric motor. Prices for converting acar traditional in a electric vehicle they oscillate a lot; the market also offers electrical retrofit kit of scooter you hate bicycles.

Electric Car Retrofit, how much?
The retrofit has a very variable cost that can reach and exceed 10 thousand euros. By carrying out online surveys and requesting some estimates including components and labor for assembly, the most advantageous price was around 4,000 euros, referring to an engine that guaranteed a range of about 80 kilometers. Other expenses, then, concern the new registration. At this link all the information on electrical retrofit. Even vintage cars can be "retrofitted", the Sergio Sanguin workshop in Torreglia has converted its old Fiat 500 in Electric, a video demonstration is available on this page.

Electric Retrofit Kit, the Vespa piaggio
The company Sound Speed ​​Scoters Seattle is marketing kits specifically designed for Piaggio wasps. The kit is capable of transforming aWasp 150 of 1960 in oneElectric Vespa more than performing. With the kit you can modify the swingarm, the petrol tank and obviously the engine. The engine is replaced with a 3000W electric one and the battery fits in place of the tank. The kit for theElectric Vespa costs about 1,100 euros.

Electric Retrofit Kit, the Smart
There are several on the market kit for "retrofit " the Automobiles. Among these, in Italy, a kit for the conversion of the Smart. The kit is proposed by an association that promotes the electric mobility, the Eurozev. The kit in question was designed for the Smart. It offers a range of 100 kilometers and it takes 4 hours to recharge the battery. Vehicle speed was limited to 80 km / h.

Electric Retrofit Kit, the bike
Kits to convert your own bike in a ebike respectable are very affordable. They are priced around 200 euros and include assembly instructions. With the cheapest kits, the battery is placed in a waterproof bag to tie to the frame. The more expensive kits provide a custom-made monocoque for the tube of the bike. When operating the electric tretofit of a bicycle, the problem is the maintenance of the engine. Electric brush motors are easier to wear and damage. THE electrical retrofit kit they offer engine without "brushes”Are rarer, among them we point out the BionX.

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