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Smart City App for Expo 2015 presented

Smart City App for Expo 2015 presented

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Smart City App, the application developed by Telecom Italia for the 2015 Milan Universal Exposition. The app will provide all useful information about the events that will accompany Expo 2015, including ad hoc services and entertainment. The application will offer advanced access to all users interested in Expo 2015 and the numerous events related to the occasion. Not only Expo 2015, the app will provide information, suggestions and data on the city and national territory, on the partners and all the actors involved with Expo 2015.

With Smart City App, Telecom Italia ed Expo 2015 ensure constant and updated interconnection with all visitors and interested parties. The application Smart City App was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Another step towards the creation of the Digital Smart City Expo 2015, a smart city, full of innovative services and sustainable, designed to transform an urban area into a city on a human scale. The partnership between Expo 2015 is Telecom Italia was stipulated with the aim of creating the most innovative city ever, full of digital and interactive services. Systems that will revolutionize the way of living the city.

There Smart City App, declared Giuseppe Sala, CEO of Expo 2015, “It gives voice to a new way of thinking and getting in touch with different cultures and experiences that we will pass on to the more than 20 million people expected during their visit

There Smart City App it will have to be experienced as a technology that will not affect the visitor's life but will only serve to improve his experience a Expo 2015.

We do not know, in detail, how the application developed by Telecom Italia with Expo 2015 will work, but a "interactive guide " was a must for Expo 2015. The Universal Exposition of Milan will take place over an area of ​​approximately 110 hectares and to best accommodate visitors, aapplication who do from Guide, perhaps with a lot of maps to reach the various pavilions and, obviously, information sheets about the various stands present. Not to mention an interface capable of informing visitors about all ancillary events related to Expo 2015.

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