Wind power

Pollution from wind turbines

Pollution from wind turbines

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When it comes to wind energy L'pollution that can be mentioned is not only the acoustic one, there is also the environmental impact caused by the turbines that have reached the end of their life cycle. The wind turbines are bulky, the shovels they have dimensions ranging from 45 to 90 meters in length. They are composed of toxic materials and to date, the method of disposal more common is landfill.

The wind turbines disused are deposited in landfills and, if you do not want to take into account thepollution caused by the constituent materials, it must be considered that each country has a limit quantity of waste that it can introduce into the soil. To reduce thepollution from wind turbines more and more companies are working to extend the life cycle of each turbine or develop more effective disposal systems.

Wind turbines - Noise pollution
The wind turbines of the latest generation are very silent. For installations with classic wind turbines, it has been estimated that, at a distance of more than 200 meters, the rotation noise due to the rotor blades is completely confused with the noise of the wind passing through the surrounding vegetation. In these circumstances one cannot speak of noise pollution real but "potential", it is linked to two types of noise, the mechanical one coming from the generator and the aerodynamic one coming from the rotor blades.

Wind turbines - Pollution
Even the production chain of wind turbines it has an environmental cost. For the production of wind turbines numerous plastic materials are used, in fact, each wind turbine contains large amounts ofglass fibers isepoxy resins - derived from petroleum -.

If theenvironmental impact caused by wind turbines is that high, is it worth continuing to produce them?
Yes, both from an environmental point of view and from an economic point of view.
If the economic reasons may be obvious, the environmental ones may be less obvious: it has been calculated that in a few months of life, wind turbines are able to compensate for thepollution product.

The energy produced by a wind turbine during its average life (about 20 years for on-shore plants and more than 25 years for off-shore ones), is about 80 times higher than that required for its construction, maintenance , operation, dismantling and scrapping. It has been calculated that two or three months are enough for a turbine to recover all the energy spent to build it and keep it running.

Wind turbines - Prospects for the future
A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts Lowel, in partnership with Qichita State University, has developed a new system capable of makingwind turbines even moreecofriendly, to be precise,biodegradable. Learn more about the topic in this article.

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