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Wind Turbine Syndrome

Wind Turbine Syndrome

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The United States talk about it a lot but it has also been invoked in Italy, to prevent the setting up of the wind farm in Nociglia, Puglia. With the Wind Turbine Syndrome a new hypothesis is put forward, theimpact ofwind power it is not only negative for avifauna and landscape assets but also for human health. It's true?

Wind Turbine Syndrome, what are the symptoms? There is talk of migraines, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, limb stiffness, hypertension, hearing disorders and many other psychological discomforts. As long as we talk about hearing disorders or migraines, it is forcibly possible to imagine why, but for all the other symptoms? Supporters of the Wind Turbine Syndrome claim that the low-frequency sounds emitted by wind turbines can damage the vestibular system and that there is a correlation between the symptoms just mentioned and exposure to a wind farm. Furthermore, a wind farm it could be the cause of numerous psychological problems and mental problems.

What is founded on these accusations? To shed some light on the matter, a team of scientists conducted a study based on the populations living in the vicinity of wind farms. The team of experts has mobilized especially following strong accusations against the state of Massachusetts which aims to become a major producer of wind energy, going from the current 38 MW of installed power to the target of 2,000 MW by 2020 - see pdf document -.

The symptoms just reported have been described by the most extreme supporters of the Wind Turbine Syndrome. The team of scientists and doctors who conducted the research admitted that implants could have a negative impact on people's health but only when they violate state standards for emissions of noise pollution. The negative impacts related to the noise of turbines may vary going from "moderate discomfort"To more"serious inconvenience”As sleep disturbances that would lead to a consequent decrease in the quality of life.

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