Wind power

Honda cars produced thanks to wind power

Honda cars produced thanks to wind power

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The factory Honda of Russels Point, Ohio, is about to set up a wind power plant consisting of two turbines, two giants 260 meters high, with blades 160 meters long. The pair of wind turbines will be able to generate 10,000 MWh of energy per year. Enough energy to meet the electricity needs of 800 homes. The car manufacturer Honda intends to use this clean energy to satisfy a part of the electricity needs of your plant.

The Russels Point plant houses 1,150 employees. According to Bill Spratley, executive director of Green Energy Ohio, theHonda one of only five auto companies to use wind energy on this scale.

The Japanese company Honda, for the preparation of his wind power plant made arrangements with the Juhl company of Pipestone, Minnesota. The agreements provide for the purchase by Honda of the electricity produced by the turbines. The company will take care of the supply and installation of the turbines, as well as the networking of theelectricity produced, this for a cost of 8 million dollars.

The car company has already received permission from the competent authorities and the works are in the preliminary stages. Hand Gary, Honda vice president, in a statement thanked all the supporters who will make a clean cut possible harmful emissions by the Japanese company. The Japanese car manufacturer was able to design and, shortly, build thewind power plant especially due to the strategic position of the Russels Point plant: the area is very windy, probably the windiest in the entire state. The two wind turbines they will cover only 10 percent of the large plant's needs (shown in the photo above).

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