Wind power

Apple invests in the wind with iWind

Apple invests in the wind with iWind

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After Greenpaece's rejection, which included the apple in the list of companies minus eco-sustainable due to its dependence on coal, the most famous apple in the world has decided to focus on the renewable energy market.

Taking full advantage of the technological capabilities of its engineers, the tech giant would have decided to go beyond computers, smartphones and tablets to invest part of its enormous liquidity in the research and development of a new alternative technology for the production of renewable energy. iWind.

It is a system called "On-Demand Generation of Electricity from Stored Wind Energy”, A newly developed wind power generator. The system consists in converting the rotational movement of the blades, through a system of "rotating blades", into thermal energy that can be stored to be used On-Demand.

L'power produced by wind turbines it is stored in a fluid with "low thermal capacity" and accumulated in a storage depot from where, when there is a demand for energy, it will be taken and transferred to the working fluid, which will produce the steam to drive the turbine and generate electricity.

This solution allows you to optimize the productivity of wind farms even in the absence of wind, as it makes it possible to accumulate and store excess energy and then use it when necessary.

The system iWind of Apple differs from wind turbines traditional, which produce electric energy only in the presence of wind, and solves, with its heat storage system, the main limit ofwind energy: production inconsistency. The system of wind energyOn Demand" of Apple transforms the wind turbine in a power plant capable of supplying energy constantly.

The ingenious system ofApple, which will soon be put into practice, can also be applied as a replacement for current energy storage systems, such as lithium-ion batteries or pumped hydroelectric plants

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