Electricity from the Universe

Until recently, groups of scientists were on the hunt for methanogenic bacteria, not for their ability but to prove that there is life on Mars. It all began when doses of methane on the Red Planet and on Titan. Scientists and onlookers from all over the world began to assume that there might be traces of life both on Mars and Titan, microorganisms capable of producing methane. It was 2007 and this could be proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.

The scenario appears to be taken from X-Files but unfortunately I'm not Dana Scully and there isn't Agent Mulder either. After numerous investigations, the hypothesis of extraterrestrial life forms was questioned and today, in 2012, it completely collapsed. A rover shipped by NASA on Mars managed to register methane doses, but the TLS spectrometer detected a range of concentrations, obtained with 95% reliability, ranging from a maximum of five parts per billion to a minimum of zero.

Thus, it was understood that probably there is no Mars at all methane. Now the hope rests on a non-homogeneous distribution of the gas, therefore, where the NASA spectrometer has made its measurements there is no methane, but a few miles away it could be. While the Curiosity continues to analyze Mars, a large amount of clean energy. The completion of the project is not even that far away.

A report published by the Indian Ministry of Defense proposed the establishment of an international program with the aim of setting up one energy base in orbit. In just over ten years one geostation launched into orbit could provide electricity to us earthlings.

Specifically it is solar collectors able to collect the sun's radiation perpetually, 24 hours a day. There will be no more hours of darkness for solar panels. L'clean energy collected in orbit would then be transmitted to the Earth base. L'space energy could be the best strategy to meet the Earth's electricity needs and it could drastically cut them harmful emissions.

Sure to set up a energy plant a lot of fuel will be burned in orbit but it is a CO2 investment destined to be redeemed over time. The project could become more concrete as early as next 2025.

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