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Vodafone Village in Milan

It was built on a former redeveloped industrial site, the Vodafone Village of via Lorenteggio, a Milan, wins the Leed certification (Leadership in energy and enviromental design) for catheogy Commercial Interior. Realized by the Carminati Group through the Real Estate company, il Vodafone Village ranks among the low environmental impact buildings thanks to green strategies ranging from the choice of materials toenergy efficiency.

The new Vodafone headquarters occupies an area of ​​67,000 square meters. It is well connected with public transport services so that even going to work will be greener. In addition, parking spaces have been set up for the approximately 3,000 Vodafone employees bicycles and stations for electric cars, in addition to conventional parking.


When it comes to energy efficiency, the Vodafone Village not only uses thermal insulators, automatic lighting systems, skylights and windows capable of providing natural lighting during the day. The energy efficiency of the Vodafone Village includes a garden photovoltaic of 800 square meters which guarantees the production of over 87,000 kWh of clean energy, as well as the heating which makes use of a system of trigeneration of power equal to 3.3 MW.

The Vodafone Village was able to win the Leed certification also thanks to the choice of materials for the interior and the structure itself, it is mainly about recycled materials and recyclable, zero kilometer because of local derivation! In addition, the walls of the buildings are covered with photocatalytic cement capable of degrading the pollutants chemicals present in the air, organic and inorganic.


The Vodafone headquarters is a hamlet consisting of three buildings 14, 12 and 10 floors high. The Vodafone Village has counted an investment of over 300 million euros, an investment that spans four years of work and contains two essential themes for Vodafone: "Social responsibility and attention to the environment".

Photo from Flickr - foto.rob

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