Building a low wall with stones

Building a low wall with stones

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How to build a wall with stones: instructions, step by step, to make a drywall (interlocking stones) or a low wall with binders (stones and cement mortar).

In the article how to make a low wallwe have already explained how build a low wall with stones and cement mortar.

In this article bydo-it-yourselfwe will provide you with alternative instructions with the making of a dry stone wall, perfect for delineating flower beds or surrounding existing trees. Again this is a Wall made with stones but they will serve stones of small size.

Dry stone wall

Adrywallit is a particular construction made up of stone blocks arranged and assembled without any binder (cement, mortar, concrete…). We talk aboutdry layingprecisely because you don't need to mix any binders.

From an architectural point of view, thedrywallrepresents the first example of human artifact. The walls of the oldest cities were built with huge dry-wedged blocks. Many ancient walls testify to this technique which, if properly implemented, proves to be durable over time and of great aesthetic impact.

Building a low wall with stones

Let's see everything you need and do it yourself instructions for build a dry stone wallable to delimit a limited area of ​​the garden.

  • Digging tools such as shovel and spade
  • Medium-sized gravel (optional but strongly recommended)
  • Stones of regular size, preferably flat
  • Small-sized split stones
  • Soil to insert plants (optional)
  • Seedlings (optional)

In this DIY we have provided for the insertion of some plants at the base of the wall. This is a perfect solution if thedrywallyou need to delimit a flower bed, however, if thedry stone wallyou need to make a room divider, skip the part of planting the plants!

The aesthetics ofdo it yourself wall it really depends on the stones you choose. Thedrywallcan be built withrough stonesfor a more rustic and wild look. Alternatively you can usesemi-finished stonesor work (smooth, engraved ...) of variable dimensions according to the final effect you want to build.

In the image above, semi-finished stones have been used, of varying dimensions and expertly interlocking.

Building a low wall with stones, the procedure

Inconstructionof thedrywall do it yourself, pay attention to the initial phase. The foundation on which the drywall will be built will have to be a well excavated track. The bottom must be compact and solid because the entire solidity of the wall will depend on this. It is for this reason that we recommend the use of gravel to stabilize the dry "foundations" of yourdo it yourself wall. Here's how to proceed.

The foundation of drywall

Trace the perimeter of yours Wall, dig a groove that is at least 5-10 cm wider than the thickness of your wall. For example, if yours Wall it must be 40 cm wide, the groove must measure at least 45-50 cm. Fill the groove with a layer of compacted gravel that will serve as a support base. Compress the gravel well before proceeding.

Arrange the stones

Start arranging the stones. First place the thicker ones that will form the base, before inserting the layers of Stone more superficial, fill the free spaces with earth, so as to make the upper stones rest more firmly. If you do not intend to host plants, try to choose flat stones to compact one on the other.

Stabilizing or support stones

To make the Wall more stable, use stones of support by placing them vertically to tie the courses together. For clarity, see the second illustration above.

Dry stone wall with plants

During construction, remember to leave some space for drainage. If the wall is high enough, you can leave holes to fill with soil so as to allow the growth of small plants even in the Wall. When you have added sufficient layers of stones, fill the flowerbed with soil and plants.

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