The Children's Garden Workshop

The Children's Garden Workshop

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Learn to grow vegetables using recycled materials and the best techniques respecting nature. Cascina Cuccagna, an enclave of peasant culture in the center of Milan, hosts theChildren's workshop: six practical and fun workshops run by the association's educators Nostrale Village. One meeting a week, starting on Saturday 20 April.

Several and numerous themes are dealt with in theChildren's workshop: the world of insects, the earth and its elements, the paper garden, the guerrilla gardening (which mimics guerrilla marketing) and the ways in which to practice it, the cheese and production techniques, the colors and natural aromas that can be obtained from plants.

The sense ofChildren's workshop is that living in the city must not prevent the little ones from putting on hands in the earth or to experience waiting from seed to seedling. L'horticulture according to some it is a medicine, it is certainly an instructive practice: it teaches patience, the ability to take care of something whose success depends on one's efforts, educates to manual skills and teaches to work in a group, having fun.

All 'Children's workshop, Cascina Cuccagna offers open spaces for moments of play in which, through workshops, you can learn the practices of urban horticulture and experience the recycling and the reuse. The workshops will take place in the rooms of the Cascina but also in the shared garden managed by the group of volunteers.

The program

Saturday 20 April, 3.30 pm. The insect house With cardboard, wood and lots of recycled materials, we build houses for garden-friendly insects to take home. For the Cuccagna garden we build the insect condominium.

Saturday 27 April, 3.30 pm. Discovering the earth We analyze the earth by discovering all its secrets. We sift a clod of earth to obtain silt, sand, skeleton, clay and create statuettes from mud.

Saturday 25 May, 3.30 pm. The paper garden and the seed bomb With waste paper, we create a paper garden. We create a bomb of earth and seeds to make guerrillia gardening and make the flower beds of our city flower.

Saturday 8 June, 3.30 pm. Let's make cheese! From milk to cheese in just a few steps. All the secrets of milk to discover and learn how cheese is made and how it is prepared.

Saturday 29 June, 3.30 pm Let's color with the colors of nature We discover vegetables and their colors through an ancient technique that allows us to extract their natural dye.

Saturday 6 July, 3.30 pm. The scents of plants A team game to learn about aromatic herbs. We use the leaves to create a fragrant design with the frottage technique.

(A participation fee of 10 euros is required; discounts are available for those in the family who own the Cascina Cuccagna Supporter Card).

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