OperRAEE: art from waste in prison

In jail e-waste becomes art. Thus was born an exhibition of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment with the works created by the inmates inside the WEEE laboratories inside prisons. It happens in Bologna as part of the interprovincial project WEEE in Prison with the patronage of the Emilia Romagna Region and the Regional Penitentiary Administration, together with the support of the consortium Ecolight and of Hera SpA.

The exhibition is called 'OPeRAEE, artistic exercises for the recovery of electrical and electronic devices' and opens Monday 8 April, 11 am, in the Multipurpose Room of the Emilia Romagna Region in Bologna. You will be able to admire creative artifacts made in the WEEE laboratories in the Bologna and Forlì prison, in collaboration with the Recuperiamoci! of Prato, recovering old appliances and electronic parts that are now useless.

The workshops WEEE in prison they represented an opportunity for inmates to deepen the use of materials and artistic techniques, to meet young artists and to reflect on the theme of creativity and freedom, also in relation to detention. An in-depth meeting on the project is scheduled during the opening ceremony on Monday 8 April.

The inauguration of WEEE it will be followed by a musical live by Generator set: the Middle Eastern dance suite with Fabio Tricomi is Sabahi Hassene, taken from the musical program of the show concert The in-cantata hill (created within the 'I Fiori Blu' project, music and theater itineraries, aimed at people who, from the state of detention or freedom, access alternative measures to detention).

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