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Solar tablet

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There Samsung is already marketing notebook which integrate thin-film solar panels, researchers are developing Photovoltaic cells increasingly efficient transparent glasses, capable of covering the entire display of a Tablet or one smartphone without compromising the agility of technology touch screen or high resolution. The American company Pixel Qi proposes to replace the screens of Tablet is notebook with solar powered dispaly capable of transforming any portable device into an authentic one solar tablet.

On its debut, the company Pixel Qi proposed to replace the screen of Tablet with some sort of Solar Panel capable of generating 1 watt of energy, enough to power both the display that the motherboard of the Tablet. The result? The latest generation iPad has been converted into a solar tablet! Pixel Qi works on two fronts, on the one hand it develops screens that carry a photovoltaic support capable of producing power adapted to power the Tablet and on the other hand develops displays a low energy consumption and that are sun-proof, showing legible images and text even when the sun beats down.

The market delivers Tablet which integrate the technology developed by Pixel Qi which make the displays perfectly visible even in direct exposure to sunlight. This is the case of Yuma 2, more than a Tablet it can be compared to a small netbook. Based on Microsoft 7 Professional operating system with a 1.6 Ghz dual-core Intel Atom processor, 4 GB of ram and an HD that can go up to 128 GB. Yuma 2 integrates a 7-inch touch-screen display. It offers 3G technology and mounts high displays energy efficiency by Pixel Qi.

Waiting for the market to offer real solar tablets, bags and solar covers are not to be underestimated, for example, Logitech has launched the Solar Keyboard Folio, the iPad cover that integrates keyboard and solar panels. The cover has two adjustable angles and the list price is 129.99 euros, read all at this address.

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