Earth Hour, together with Piazza di Spagna

There are only 3 days to goEarth Hour, the appointment promoted by WWF to fight, together, against the global warming. L'Earth Hour 2013, just like every year, it will be accompanied by numerous ancillary events, first of all is it show of "Roller coaster " with Radio2 to be held in Rome, starting at 7 pm, in Piazza di Spagna.

The Ottovolante show will feature the presence of various comedians from the caliber of Dario Cassini, Corrado Nuzzo and Maria Di Biase. There will be musical guests like Simona Molinari, fresh from the Sanremo Festival with its success "Happiness".

Because the event will be held in Piazza di Spagna? Of course, Rome is the Italian capital but Piazza di Sapgna hides its roots environmentalists even more profound: in 1968, in this square, the first environmental event in the history of Italy was held, an event in favor of parks.

L'Earth Hour will be held on Saturday 23 March, so, starting at 20.30, private citizens and public bodies will interrupt the electricity supply for one hour, thenow dedicated to the earth. 140 countries around the world will join and in Italy there are already 230 participating municipalities.

Earth Hour, marathons with the lights out
All over the world the lights out marathon is being prepared, which will start in the Pacific islands at 8.30 am on Saturday Italian time and end 24 hours later in the Cook Islands, already dramatically affected by climate change due to the rise in sea level that threatens ecosystems and community. From the Sydney Opera House which will turn green, passing by the tallest building in the world, the Burj Kalifah, to the KLCC towers of Kuala Lumper to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, from the marvelous Niagara Falls, to the Empire State Building to the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the most famous monuments on the planet are joining the largest voluntary action in the world, which last year managed to involve over 2 billion people in 7000 cities and 152 countries of the world.

In Italy you go on foot, by public transport or by bicycle. The appointment is with the FIAB and is set for 5 pm at the Colosseum. It starts from the Colosseum to reach Piazza di Spagna and watch the Ottovoltante show together.

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